Why is your band called "The Filthy Crickets"?

There are several reasons, here are just a few. They have excellent vision and hearing. Crickets have the ability to generate and play their own music and songs. There are four types of cricket songs: The calling song is used when a female cricket is near and the music/song and is usually very smooth and melodic. The courting song attracts females of all kinds and is used to court and persuade them into acts of affection passion and love. The copulatory song is produced for only a brief period during mating. The territorial song is fairly loud and sends an alert that another male cricket is near. An aggressive song is triggered by chemoreceptors on the antennae that detect the near presence of another male cricket and a combative attack is to follow.

FYI: Crickets are said to foretell good luck. Their songs are said to bring blessings to all that are lucky enough to hear them. In many parts of the world, a cricket found in the house will be treated with respect. Often, thay are placed in small cages made especially for them, given food and water, and hopefully able to live a long life, as the longer they live, the more luck they bring. Others say to leave them as they are, and if they stay it means large amounts of money will come to the owners of the dwelling.

Additional Folklore and mythology surrounding crickets is extensive.

The singing of crickets in the folklore of Brazil and elsewhere is sometimes taken to be a sign of impending rain, or of a financial windfall.

In Alvar Nunez Cabeza de Vaca's chronicles of the Spanish conquest of the Americas the sudden chirping of a cricket heralded the sighting of land for his crew, just as their supplies had run out.

In the village of Capueirucu, Bahia State a constantly chirping cricket foretells pregnancy, but if it pauses, money is expected.

In Barbados, a loud cricket means money is coming in; hence, a cricket must not be killed or evicted if it chirps inside a house. However, another type of cricket that is less noisy forebodes illness or death.

The word "Filthy" derives from mothers all around the world shouting at the top of their lungs: "remove that filthy cricket from the house" 

Lastly...... since we ain't the Beatles why not be the: